Digitally printed mock ups

Digitally printed mock ups
September 28, 2016 Peter Stubbs

Digitally printed mock ups

You asked for and we delivered. Digital print for all. Our  new “silver service” mock-up solution compliments our existing “Platinum” range beautifully.

We enjoy the challenge of adapting to market trends with innovative solutions. Lately, we’ve had an increase in requests for competitively priced one-off highly finished mock ups. In many ways Digital printing has come of age, but only recently have manufacturers addressed the needs of quality mock ups.

We didn’t rush out and buy one though! We’ve seen so many examples of poor quality, unimpressive digital mock ups; not something we’d be prepared to stake our reputation on. Instead we talked to designers, partners and colleagues and we made a list of requirements. From there we did our research and found that we needed not one, but two quite different machines.

We invested in a flat bed printer that is brilliant for printing onto objects such as wood, acrylic sheet, metal and even organic materials such as slate. It can also overprint pre-printed items for personalisation. We also purchased two traditional roll-fed type printers; each prints a wide colour gamut using hexachrome type inks and can achieve excellent white and metallic effects.

Importantly, it’s about what we can add. It’s all about the finish. That is where we differ from other suppliers in our approach to digital mock ups. We will apply varnish effects, tactile varnishes, embossing, foil blocking, fluorescent pigment and even security inks – all of the finishes that make our traditional mock ups stand out from the crowd.

With there being less repro and set up time than in our more traditional lines, you can have a one-off product at a highly competitive price. Like all good things, there’s a tipping point in numbers where offset litho based mock ups become more cost effective. With some projects this is still the best and most economic way of producing your project.

For commercialisation offset litho still remains the best way of producing mock ups and our benchmark proofing programme is a proven method of enabling the best results in production.

Talk to us about your needs and we can tailor a programme to fit within your timeframe and budget. Finish, we do what it says in our name.