Laser Finishing

Laser Finishing
October 22, 2015 Andrew Panatti

Laser Finishing

Following hot on the heels of our recent investment into the world of 3D printing, we have just completed the installation of our fabulous Laser cutter.

This machine is truly amazing and fully flexible – it will produce a single sheet or utilising the feedtray and conveyor up to 7000 sheets an hour. Capable not only of cutting and super sharp creasing, but also intricate filigree work, photographic images, micro perforation and variable data all in perfect register with your print.

Forget any preconceived idea you had of laser cutting – it’s quick to set up, versatile and no burning! We have control not only of the power of our laser, but also the frequency – in other words the heat intensity and by using the sophisticated software, we’re able to reproduce suprisingly fine detail with no trace of browning even on delicate substrates.
It can etch perspex, wood and coated papers, kiss cut self adhesives, perforate to any pitch setting and skeleton cut, leaving micro sprues to enable easy removal from the cut sheet if required.

We think there’s so much more it can do for your brand. Currently we’re inviting Clients old and new to refresh their knowledge and to see how they can add another dimension to their designs. Bring along a file and put our machine through its paces! If this is something you’d like be a part of, please call Ross on 020 7619 7550 who will be happy to include you.