Client Services


Our dedicated team will work with you to get the very best out of your brief, often adding ideas or suggesting innovative new techniques. We also welcome our clients to work with us on press, fine-tuning design and pushing technical boundaries.

Our Client Services team will prepare everything that you need from cost estimates to technical reports, print passing and of course final production.


Finish’s Implementation Department comprises experienced artworkers and graphic designers and can prepare any kind of design file for final print production.

Our team work closely with our Print Shop and Finishing Department to ensure that files are properly prepared and separated for each process. Because we understand design, print and finishing we are able to enhance or adjust your files to get the best possible results. If a design element is not delivering the desired effect we can adjust and resupply to our Print Shop very quickly, giving you the flexibility to experiment and improve your work.

If necessary we can also create designs for you based on your briefs or sketches.


The Think Tank is the place that we come together to brainstorm, problem solve and meet as a company. It is also open to clients, in person, over the phone or via the internet and is fully equipped for international conference calling and audiovisual presentations.