Foiling, also known as foil blocking or hot foil stamping, is a specialised print technique used on a wide variety of luxury packaging brands. It adds premium cues and can be used to underpin an element, keyline or area of a design to highlight detail or enhance branding.

As the name implies hot foil utilises heat and pressure to release the foil. It’s available in gold and silver and can also be used with colour overlays. Foils can be brilliant mirror, satin, matt finish or holographic. We‘ve even foiled marble and woodgrain finishes and because it‘s a totally dry process, we can swap foils instantly to compare different effects.

We use traditional acid etch dies, alongside modern CNC milled dies in copper and Magnesium. We keep a large selection of foils in stock and can normally obtain others within 48 hours.


It’s like Hot foiling but without having to make foil dies. Apply using an offset plate, some specialised materials and equipment and a touch of magic. Lay down your spot underpin, be it Silver, Gold, Holographic or semi metallic for some awesome and groovy effects. Not only saves time and money, but looks stunning. We are the only Company offering a proofing service for this in the UK.


As well as embossing and debossing we also offer micro embossing and debossing which allow a design to be cut to multiple levels or smooth blends like a printed vignette.

We’re tirelessly looking for new ideas and solutions for everyday requirements and brainstorming ways of applying interesting dimensions to packaging. We‘ve researched and introduced exciting new products such as high build varnishes and sand texture coatings which enhance the visual and tactile aspect of our work. We can also produce matt surfaces, raised rubberised textures and apply leather or orange peel effects that not only feel like the real thing but smell like them too!

Currently we’re looking into laser relief (micro lasering into substrates to give depth and translucence), imitating watermarks and braille effects.


We use a plotter for all folding, cutting and creasing tasks. Artwork, cutter guides and technical drawings are imported from Adobe Illustrator and sent directly to our plotting machine. With it’s specialist oscillating tool it can cut artboard up to 10mm thick and because it’s digital, it’s perfect for building intricate packaging forms. Infinitesimal adjustments can be made to each fold, cut or crease until the finished piece is perfect.

For certain specialist jobs we use traditional wood and metal blades. Whilst not as flexible as our digital plotter, they are sometimes speedier. We like to be prepared for anything that comes our way.


Shrink sleeving is not only a standard production process for many everyday products but is also an ingeneous method of mocking up your designs onto drinks cans, aerosols, bottles, containers and tins. The list covers most objects from a wine bottle to a coke can. The design is reverse printed flat onto the special substrate, it’s then made into a sleeve and positioned on the 3D object.

Once heat is applied, the design will shrink to take on the contours of the object it’s been applied to with the look and feel of direct print. We can also apply satin or matt treatments to the front facing surface should it be desired.

We’ve recently invested in a Steam cabinet; this marvellous bit of kit enables us to replicate and reliably reproduce shrunk on sleeves time after time. Programmable and accurate this has helped us tackle trickier shapes and higher volumes.


For innovative packaging or new product design our team of craftsmen will adapt, mold, solder, cast, form, cut, fold, twist and curl most materials into beautiful packaging forms.

For really expansive projects we have regular partners and suppliers that we call on to help us achieve challenging results or tight deadlines.


Spraying complements our other finishing services. We can spray cans, bottles, tubes and lids to match printed labels or flexibles and add pearlescent finishes or full metallics.

We have a comprehensive range of inks and coverings for most surfaces and shapes.


Lasercutting, Laserfolding, Laserperfing, Laserscribing, Laserpersonalising, Laservariabledata, Laserengraving, Lasergrooving, Laserfolding, Lasersmouldering, Laseretching and more. It’s all done with smoke and mirrors. No really. Come and see it in action, bring a file and see what it can do for you.