Print Shop


Screen printing is essentially a form of stenciling, using positive film images to make screen stencils that block out non-printing parts of a design. Screens were originally made from silk mesh but today we use polyester in various thicknesses, giving us precise control over the amount of ink that goes through.

Screen printing produces lovely flat, bright colours that are ideal for posters, invites or bespoke packaging.

Our Screen Printing Department comprises two hand screening tables, a UV curing station and a vast selection of coatings, inks and pigments. We work with water-based and UV curable coatings and can print heavy metallics, pearlised effects, photochromic (light and heat sensitive) and tactile finishes as well as conventional colour inks.

Screen printing is a very specialised process and we are lucky enough to have a team of knowledgeable, skillful craftsmen on hand to get the very best results.


Lithography or litho printing is a high speed printing technique used to print packaging, books, newspapers, maps and posters. It‘s a form of offset printing, which means that it uses a printing plate to transfer a design or image to a roller and then a substrate.

We use the latest plate making techniques to produce plates directly from computer files. This gives us and our clients greater flexibility as plates are easily and quickly remade.

Finish have three modern Japanese proofing presses each partnered to UV curing units. We use the latest UV curing ink technology to print on to most surfaces at high speed with near instant overprinting and no compromise on quality. By using the presses in unison, overprinting colour results can be seen and adjusted immediately. We invite all of our clients to attend proofing sessions, where they can maximise their designs, passing colours or making minor amendments.

We also have the latest color matching software and a spectro photometer which can read any color and break it down part by part. This result is then entered into our ‘color library’ which enables us to build a profile and remix the colours should the project advance.


As well as traditional screen printing and litho, Finish also offer digital printing, a relatively cheap, versatile way of producing short print runs.

Our Digital Department comprises two machines. The first is a flatbed proofer that can print on to objects of up to 150mm thick in white and process (CMYK) colours with light cyan, light magenta and varnish. The second can be sheet or roll fed and prints white, brilliant silver and Hexachrome (a six colour process that can match 98% of Pantone colours).

Both of our machines print on to most substrates including metalised and plain board, metalised film, self adhesives, shrink film and even bread wrapper material.


Visualise, Digitise and Print. 3 steps for 3D models. Available in soft plastic, clear plastic, Hard and rubberised materials. We Finish with colour and graphics for a stunning looking mock up.